A New Diagnosis

A new Diagnosis of Cancer, Diabetes or Heart Disease changes everything in ones' life!  We understand that "in order to defeat the enemy (disease), you must understand the enemy" and have a plan/strategy. To this end, there is information available everywhere on the internet...this can easily become overwhelming and create a stressful environment rather quickly.  At Legacy Health Educators we recognize this problem and we aim to sift through the chaos....providing only the information and knowledge you need, one step at a time. We have expanded to include guidance for Diabetes and Heart Disease as well.

Our "KISS" concept, means we aim to "Keep It Simple, Straightforward" and Clear by first providing the BASIC information.   For example, the basic information about Cancer, Common Procedures used during the workup/staging (cat (CT) scan, MRI, biopsies, etc.,),  the Basics on Chemotherapy, the Basics on Radiation Therapy, Questions to ask your Doctors, and Questions your Doctor will ask you - Download these documents now to take on your appointments!    

Radiation Therapy Set-up for Head Neck Cancer - see Basic of Radiation Therapy in the  Cancer Information section

No digging, no searching, no fuss! After leaving our site, you will be armed with the necessary basic information about the Cancer that is of interest to you.  You will then be able to have a more knowledgeable and productive discussion with your Doctors.